DIY 5 - Tie dye denim

 What do you need? 1. A pair of jeans, 2. Clorox 3. Water 4. Patience

Soak the jeans in water to where you want to be fading

Once the jeans wet, add in a bucket, the clorox and a little water.

 Awaits the outcome depending on your patience and faded to your liking.

 When they are right for you jeans, wash them thoroughly in water to remove residue from clorox, let it dry and you are ready to use.

DIY 4 - Hairpins necklace

 What do you need? 1. Nail polish 2. A chain 3. Hairpin

 First, you have to paint the hairpins with the nail polish.

Once dry the hairpins enter them in the chain forming the pattern you like. 

Then once you feel satisfied with the result is ready to wear!

Paint nails

I found this nail art for some time, one day I said, I'll try and definitely liked the result! I have more ideas for nails I want to share with you soon

Mix camouflage inspirations

This trend though old, is back, fresher, more dynamic and more interesting combinations. We see all the bloggers with their shirts, pants and other items of camouflage ... I did follow the trend, and you?

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