Shine like a stars

Hey guys, this season is to shine and shine, there are many items to suit all tastes and all budgets. You dared to put a shine to your closet? I'm still thinking ... maybe incorporate the brightness of my closet too.

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  1. Heyy i have a golden pants and i love it, you must try it... kisses

  2. I love love love these picks. I always gravitate towards gold :).


  3. these are all so amazing!! i have been on the look out for shiny pieces to add to my wardrobe and all of these i wouldn't mind having <3

  4. Creo que los zapatos de Zara son perfectos para nochevieja y otras fiestas así. un beso!

  5. A mi me encantaron los oxford de stradivarius

  6. yo creo que pudiera usar todo! menos los pantalones! esos si no me convencen nada jeje me gusto el blog
    te sigo!


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