Mix Tie Dye Inspirations

This trend definitely i love that can make your clothes yourself and recycle a pair of jeans that you don´t like, Have you try to do? the results are amazing

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  1. i did it and i love my pants...

  2. De las mejores fotos inspiradoras de la tendencia Tie Dye, me encanta, tienes muy buenas fotos.
    Desde ya te sigo!

  3. HI! I absolutely agree, I especially like the scarf in violet.

    Just a question, from where is the clutch? It is second to last pic. It sounds familiar to me, but I don´t know why. By the way, nice blog.

    Best regards,
    Mónica Armas, Trends and Fashion Editor in www.imagenfemenina.com

    1. Hi Monica, thanks to visit me on liloli, the clutch is from zara, i think is awesome and goes great with pants which are also from zara. Follow me if you wants thanks!!!


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